A new record broken

My Mom forgot to publish this for me on 6/03/16. So here it is now 😜

    We are anchored at this small cove called Honeymoon Cove. It is amazing with its blue clear water, fish, and a shark. Well, we think it was a shark. Anyways, today we went snorkeling with our friends on Ceilo Grande. I was kinda hesitant to go in because of the shark. We went to go spear fishing, my dad caught a grouper, Nick caught an assortment of different fish, and his son Finn(5) caught a hawk fish. My dad was done after one, so he took the Go Pro and started recording us. Then Nick and my mom started diving down deep. Nick made it to 44 ft, my mom made it to 65 ft, and I made it to 28 ft. I thought “Great job.” Then a little later I made it to 38 feet and I was super exited. I was kinda like why didn’t I go down 2 more feet to 40. I told my dad to find a place I could dive down to 40 ft. So he did. I got to use my mom’s super long (but very uncomfortable) fins. MY NEW PERSONAL RECORD!!!! It was really cool diving down that deep but I would not do it again unless I didn’t know it was that deep. I felt like I was pushing myself and free divers don’t do that. Next time I’ll just dive, if it’s 29 ft awesome, if it’s 50 ft even better. I just enjoy the feeling. 

        Keep Calm and Free Dive On


Honeymoon Cove on Danzante Island, Mexico. 

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