San Juanico/La Ramada Apache Tears

  We went on an amazing hike with Cielo Grande, and Coastal Drifter. We were anchored in this little cove called La Ramada. We read in the cruiser guide that the Apache left their tears behind. The legend go like this; In the late 1800s, the Americans fought a war against the Apache warriors. The Americans wanted the Apaches as their slaves, but the warriors did not want the life of a slave. They casted themselves off a cliff and they fell to their deaths. The families of the Apache warriors wept and wept. When their tears hit the ground they turned to stone. Legend has it that if you keep an Apache tear with you, you will never have to cry again because the Apache Tribe did for you.     We found many tears along the trail, and my dad plans on making necklaces for gifts. I also plan to give them as gifts🎁. I was glad we were able to find them because of their beauty.
Keep calm and look for Apache Tears💦


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