Amigo Net: the new net controller is 13!

This man on s/v Jake (who is the manager of the Amigo Net) offered me a place as Net Controller on the AMIGO NET! The Amigo Net is held on the SSB which is like our VHF. The VHF is like the cruiser’s local phone☎️, it is like a giant built in walkie-talkie but can only go as far as the eye can see. Anyways the SSB is our long range “VHF”. I can hear people from Bay of LA to Cabo San Lucus (maybe)?  This net is a big deal for me! I have done a few little nets in Barra as you have read before.

Nets are held all around the world. Cruisers and land based people can check in. For example, our friends on Pesto, Enough, Sarita, and Batu were crossing the South Pacific Ocean, and they would check in, so that others could make sure they were okay and see where they were.The Amigo Net is held just in Mexico, but anyone can check in if they have an SSB and station license. 

  I woke up a 7:30 and read a little, but I was far to nervous to read. I stated checking alternate frequencies just in case the first on was busy. Which it was😟! I was now really anxious to start the net. I had talked to my friend on Milagro on what to do if the frequency was busy and I has forgotten! The voices were still going at 7:58, two minutes before the net. Right at 7:59 the voices stopped so I started, ” Is this frequents in use? Is this frequents in use?” I ask  nobody in particular. No response. A good way to start the morning. I only got 9 check ins which was fine by me. Well kinda😔. I really enjoy talking on the SSB. There were 2 minutes till weather time and no more check ins! Luckily Jake on SV Jake came to the rescue with an announcement and then he did the weather. I was able to kinda check out for a minute or five😊. Then after the weather I started with announcements and Milagro had one. Then I asked for any check ins… Nothing heard so I ended the net. In the end I was happy and felt amazing. 😁.

Fair winds🌬and lots of dolphins🐬


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