We are in the Sea of Cortez!

We are in the Sea of Cortez!
And it is awesome! Well we have been here a little while. It is really cool. We met this kid boat that I have never even heard of! They are on Spanish Stroll. Ariana, who is 15, is funny and nice. Her brother Andrew, 13, is really nice as well. When we were in La Paz we hung out a lot with them and Coastal Drifter ( Ethan, 12). Ellamae loved Spanish Stroll’s dog, Maya. We left La Paz and haven’t seen them since. Our friends on Cielo Grande and Alert are heading our way right as we speak. Write? Right as I write.
When we first got into the Sea I jumped into the water and it was freezing. Since it is really cold, so I wear a 1m. top and a 3m. shorty and I am usually good. I really hope that as we head up the visibility will get better and it will get warmer. I really like to dive shallow-ish and hang out. I can now hang out in about 20 ft for a few seconds. It is really fun. I fell like a mermaid down there, if only l could just stay down there for ever.
School is hard because I have just started algebra and my books are so-so. Hopefully I will be getting Oak Meadow for math next year. When we were in La Cruz I got the 7th grade curriculum and they, explain how to do it all. If you are starting homeschooling I recommend this book. It is based off of Waldorf. For writing I have been writing a book. It is really hard I have started over about 3 times all ready, but it’s all part of the fun. I have been doing a lot of science experiments with Ellamae. I know all 33 capitals of the states is México. We end around lunch time, but once Ellamae decided to end at like 8:00 and it was time to get ready for bed.

Nina – 05/26/2016

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