Nina’s Mazatlán post

We have just left Mazatlán! Normally we anchor out in the anchorage, but Mazatlán’s anchorage is a bit of a crazy anchorage. It has theft so we decided not to anchor there. In Marina Mazatlán they have a pool, but only resort guests get to use it. When we were in La Cruz and we would tell our friends we are coming into the marina and they would say something like,”Really??” Or “Nice joke”. Staying in marinas do have their luxury like; showers, wifi, and you can hop onto the dock at any given moment, but when your neighbor finishes school at 10:00 and wants to play so, he knocks every ten minutes I just wanted to anchor out. Mazatlán had an amazing town(and not to mention mall). We got to go to the mall a few times, Ellamae and my favorite store was this cute pet store. They had little mice for 21 pesos or $1.50(USD). Ellamae and I wanted one so very, very badly, but we can’t have pets because we are going to the South Pacific next year. I fell in love with this adorable Yorky. I named it LOCO because he was well, LOCO! Ellamae wanted a Yorky as well, it was a puppy and had pretty much no hair. She wanted to name it Towdo.
Today we are sailing to… Drum roll please… LA PAZ!!!! Taj, Ellamae and I were looking at jelly fish. Ellamae counted while I tried to see as many Portuguese man-o-war that I could. I personally do not want to go swimming in this water. The jellies kinda freckled me out. Hope fully we will be in La Paz by next week.

Fair windsand lots of dolphins

4 thoughts on “Nina’s Mazatlán post

  1. Hi Nina! Nice to hear that things are going well on your adventure. I really enjoy hearing what you’re all up to so please keep posting! Life here is predictable as usual. Personally, I’m just a tad bit envious of you and your family! Stay in touch!



  2. I love Nina’s posts!!! Thank you Nina. It is soooo fun to hear your perspective. I think about you and Ellamae and Taj nearly every day!


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