Nina’s creative writing: post 1

Hey, guys! I am starting an new line of writing. So, every week I will post an creative writing. My parents give me a topic and for 30 minutes I write non-stop. Here is story #1:
   I skateboard over to where I see some of my friends hanging out. ” Hey, any of you guys up for a paleta?” I ask. 

” Sure ” all of them say.

   As we are walking to the ice cream shop, my friend notices some iguanas up in the trees. 

” Wow, look at those giant iguanas up in the trees!” she said tugging at my arm.

” Yeah, those are really cool,” I say

   We keep walking to the ice cream shop when, Maeve screams.”What” I start. I turn around and see right where Maeve was just standing an iguana had fallen from a tree above her. Her brother, Morgan, started laughing and soon every one else is laughing. I stop laughing first and gathered up Maeve who was still standing in the same spot looking at the iguana as if she moved it was going to attack her if she moved. ” You still want to get some ice cream?” I asked. 

” Um… Yeah.” She tells me. 

Maeve and I keep walking and soon everyone else follows behind, still giggling about the iguana. When I reach the ice cream store, I go to the counter to order.

” Una limon en una cona, por favor.” I order.

” Quince ” she tells me.

I hand her the fifteen pesos for the ice cream and go to sit outside. Morgan comes up to me and asks, ” How do you say, one coconut in a cone?”

” Una coco en Una cona, por favor.” I respond. He goes inside to order. After about ten minutes we have all ordered and are walking back. ” Hey you wanna go to the Jacks” my friend, Shandro asks. 

” Sure” 

  We all start walking towards the giant “Jacks”. 

” So, how’d these get here?” Maeve asked.

” Okay, these jacks got here by these giants,” Shandro started,” They wanted to play jacks, see those boulders over there?” He pointed to an out a dozen boulders. “They wanted to use those as bouncy balls, but you see they don’t bounce very well. They left them here for us humans and to climb on” 

” Yeah right” Maeve said.

” It’s true,” I say, ” Promise” I joked. Everyone glanced at me, I was trying not to laugh.

” Sorry” I said now laughing my head off. All of the others are now laughing with me. 

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