Bahia Tenacatita: January 2016

    We just left Tenacatita a week ago. There were about 13 kids their, Agamere with Similar (10), Maggie (8), and William (6), Wild Rumpus with Cassidy (10), Liam (8), and Julian (4), and Banyon Adelaide (8), and Isa (7). Oh, and this little girl on Bliss named Tess (3.5). And Magic Lady with, Kaleb (10). 

   In Tenacatita there is a local cruisers’ net. A net is where cruisers check, send mail, sell stuff, and say any general announcements. I did it twice. On the 26th of January William had his sixth birthday, and I announced it on the net a few times😀 we had a quick school day then, hung out on Agamere all day. We made an epic rope swing into the water. Then we started to climb up it and I fell down it on accident. It was really funny. For lunch we had sushi🍣! And cake🍰 it was a German chocolate cake. Yum yum!

  We had a sleepover with 8 of the 9 kids (Banyon left). We watched Nim’s Island and ate popcorn🍿. Then we read for a little bit and went to bed. For breakfast we had oatmeal then went back to our boats to do school. Now we are in Barra de Navidad🙂.


I artistically copied “The Net” script

One thought on “Bahia Tenacatita: January 2016

  1. Love hearing what you are up to and seeing your calligraphy Nina! Missing you always… Keep up the writing we are following! Ava is taking breakdancing classes now and is actually pretty ok at it but she’s killing it on the skate ramps, Julius is fully recovered and running cross country twice a week and Sawyer is very nearly walking and calls everyone and everything mama ;). Hope to get out there sailing in your direction some time soon… Much love to you and give all your family members a big hug from me,

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