Creative Writing #2

I wake up in an igloo, some how my fire place hasn’t made the entire place melt. I put my baby blue parka on. I find my snow shoes, mittens, snow pants and hat quickly I put it on. As soon as I step out side I am engulfed in darkness. It takes me a second to get use to the darkness, slowly the land come into focus. I check my perimeter for wild life; nothing, but I do see a camp fire to my right. I approach my shed which contains tools and weapons. I take out a silver crossbow and quiver. Slowly I make my way to the fire, trying to be as quite as a snow hate. Soon I see people, they look a little like scientists. Walking slowly I come into the fire light.
” Hello, I’m Dr. Hawley. Would you care to join us?” The women said, ” We have hot chocolate” she added as if it would make me want to stay, which it actually did.
” Nice to meet you Dr. Hawley, My name is Elizabeth. If it’s no trouble may I have a cup of hot coco, please?” I say.
A man with a red bushy beard handed me a Thermos, ” You look a bit young to be out here alone.” He said
” I’m fifteen and I’m not alone. My parents are scientists as well, I don’t like living on base, so I live in that igloo about half a mile away from the base.” I said. “Oh I saw that,the one with the snow mobil in the front,” a girl my age said. “Yeah exactly. So what are you guys studying?” I ask.
“Polar bears, Aurora Borealis.” Dr. Hawley says.
“Oh, cool we are studying the Aurora Borealis as well some other stuff I’m not allowed to know,” I say, “This is great hot coco.”
“It’s Miss Emily’s secret recipe,” the man with the red beard said nudging the small girl.
“It’s really nothing much just add some spices to the old powdered stuff.” Emily explained.
I finish my cup of coco then said,”Thank you again, maybe we will see each other again soon.”
I stand up and walk away, only looking back once. Then I see a white blur shoot through the sky. Grabbing my binoculars I look at it. “Huh, white owl.” I think.
I walk back to my igloo and grab my bird book and look it up. I don’t find it. I grab my sketch book to draw it. I remember the golden beak and claws. I hear a snow mobil out side so I close my book and put a kettle of water on. It’s my parents. “Liz, what have you been doing” my dad asked glancing wearily at my crossbow.
“I saw a campfire so, I walked over, but I wanted to be protected in case it was a Inuit tribe,” I explain. “Good girl, so what did you find out?” Mom asked ushering us into my igloo.
“They are scientists that are studying polar bears and the Northern Lights. They asked what we were studying so, I just said we were studying the Northern Lights, and some others stuff I wasn’t allowed to know about.”
The kettle started to whistle, but I didn’t hear it. Mom rushed to the portable propane stove, she poured the boiling water into three different mugs; the rain deer one for Dad, #1 MOM for Mom, and my favorite mug with a snow owl. Mom added the powdered chocolate to each one. We sat down on my couch. We were together. Safe.

By Nina Lauducci
February 2016

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