The South Pacific

So, I haven’t been writing all too much. Actually, I haven’t written in a few months. You may think I’m dead or something. I’m not, I promise.
So, we made it to the South Pacific, but I think you’ve come to that conclusion if you’ve been reading my mom’s blog. I’ll give it to you from my view. Let’s start in the Marquesas.
After 21 days (and a half, but we don’t need to say that. 😋) out at sea we are at anchor. Well, we anchored at like 2 am, and I did wake up. The first thing I noticed was the smells. It smelled strongly citrus. Which, at 2 am smells amazing.
After I was finally done sniffing the air out of my tiny port hole, I fell back to sleep with a bit of difficultly. Ellamae and I woke up (for me again) at around 6:30. We had to stay in our room because, taj was still asleep. Let me tell you, when we had just arrived to an new country, it is hard to stay in your room for nearly 45 extra minutes. Once Taj was awake, we rushed out, and began spotting all the new kid boats. There were about 3 in total that we could see. There was Banyon, who we met in our first year cruising, Luminese, and Baloo.
Ellamae and I had a joke going. Our mom told us that there was a boy off of Baloo who was 13, and his name started with M. I was betting it didn’t actually, so when we introduced ourselves and he said his name was Julien, Ellamae looked at me like, “well, I guess you were right.”
Anyway, the Marquesas. Our first day was great. We saw our friends from Sausalito who had crossed the year before. They greeted us with fresh pompamoose (which is really similar to grapefruit, but way better and sweeter) and chocolate banana bread. We hung out with them before heading in to check in. Dad had promise us baguette and cheese for lunch, so we did get that.
I could continue on about that day, but I still have the rest of the Marquesas to cover. After Hiva Oa, we hit up a small island called Tuahata. The water was clear (well, to some extent), and there was a girl my age. Her name is Camille, but her nickname is Cam. She is 14, but acts older. She knew a bunch of my friends from Mexico, and we had a ton of stuff in common.
After that, we headed to Nuku Hiva. We, once again met up with some friends from Sausalito. Apparently they knew me when I was a little tike. About a few days later Dad sliced his foot bad, and he got MRSA. It’s sucked because, he couldn’t leave the boat, but he did manage to stay a pretty cool tattoo. As did my mom. After that we headed to the Tuamotos.
The Tuamotos were made up of atolls, ranging in sizes. An atoll is a chain of small motus in a circle with deep ocean in the middle. They are usually made honor coral, and have amazing wild life. In the water that is. The land is pretty barren of animals.
Now, let me tell you right here, right now, that the Tuamotos were my absolute favourite place in French Polynesia. The water was crystal clear, the motus (little islands) were beautiful. There were beautiful, even if all the beaches were made up of all coral. We had BBQs on the beaches, birthday parties on boats, and sleepovers.
The BBQs were the best. The beach we had them on was covered in hermit crabs. We had a long jump contest. I did not win. It was a tie between myself and this boy Eoin, who was insanely tall and 13 (well 14 now. Happy Birthday Eoin!!!).
After that we headed to a new anchorage in the atoll Fakarava. It was super cool there. We dove with sharks everyday. And don’t worry, they didn’t attack anyone. There were black tips, greys, silver tips (I had no idea that was a thing), white tips, and silkies. They ranged size from a metre to two metres. And it was awesome swimming with them. I personally think we got a bit too comfortable with them. We did a few more atolls, before heading to the Societies.
Now, mind you we haven’t been to every island in the Societies yet. We still have about 2 more to go to. Here’s my experience with then so far.
I’m guessing you all know about Tahiti, how it is suppose to be resort filled island. It isn’t. It is busy and not very nice. In the anchorage we were, there was nothing to do, minus sit in the Internet. Let’s say my Instagram was crammed with our daily plans. Haha 😂 (ps if you have a Instagram go ahead and follow me @nina.radar it is private, so you’ll have to wait until I have good enough WiFi to check it again.)
Anyways, Tahiti. It is an industrial town. There is big tankers 🚢 coming in all the time. Not where we were, but in Papeete proper. The theft was suppose to be pretty bad so we locked up all the time.
Ellamae and my mom went back to the states for two weeks. Well, Ellamae has gone to like with her biological dad for 6 months. My mom was fine for two weeks.
In those two weeks Dad cut his foot again, and it got infected again because, it was a coral cut. Let’s put this simple, coral is flesh eating. A 3 millimeter cut turned into a giant hole. It was nasty. We were able to make it to the island next door, Moorea. There was an awesome New Zealand family who was visiting for three weeks. There were four kids in all, Arwen, who was exactly 2 hours and 14 minutes younger than me, Will, who was 13 and Taj fell in love with him. Finally there were the twins, Conner and Jamie who are 9. They were really funny and sweet. Sadly they rushed up ahead of us, and we went back to Tahiti.
Mom came back and we stayed in Tahiti a bit longer. Oh, I forgot to mention our boat had 8 people on board for a few days. There was a friend of ours and his family came in. They, on a spur of the moment, came on our boat for a few days. It was nice, I shared my small room with Summer who is 11, Andrew who is 9 stayed in the back with his mom and Dom (16) stayed in the cockpit with his dad. Where did my dad sleep you ask, on the couch if course.
Anyways, mom came back and we went back to Moorea after getting stocked up with food. We stayed a few days because, we had to head out of French Polynesia because our visa is running out.
Now we are in Huahine. I’ll let you know how it is a bit later. And the rest of the Societies. As well as Bora Bora. So, it was nice talking for a bit!!!!
This is Nina, standing by. 🖤
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2 thoughts on “The South Pacific

  1. So love hearing your enthusiasm for life – the beauty of the places and the connections with other kindred spirits!
    Thank you so much for sharing your boat and lives with us in Tahiti – miss you already! See you in NZ! Vx


  2. So love hearing your enthusiasm for life – the beauty of the places and the connections with other kindred spirits!
    Thank you so much for sharing your boat and lives with us in Tahiti – miss you already! See you in NZ! Vx


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