Catcning You Guys Up

Sorry I haven’t written in ages. We’ve been up to so much, so let me quickly get all y’all caught up. I believe the last place we left off was in Costa Rica, or Panama. Let’s start in Northern Panama and work our way to the Galapagos.
It was windy when we had pulled into the anchorage of Venao. The sun had already set, so we had to anchour in the dark. My parents weren’t happy, because so much could go wrong at night while anchouring, but there was no way around it.
In the morning, we re-anchored the boat in a better spot and headed into shore. Sadly, Venao had a pretty bog beach break, so it mean no dinghies were coming in. We put in the paddle boards and went into shore. Dad had gone in slightly earlier, since the surf was up, so we followed slightly after him. When we had gone in, my dad informed me that there were two teenage girls in the pool above the surf spot. I hadn’t seen anyone my age in a while, so I ran up the scorching hot sun, to the pool.
I was happy to learn that my dad was in fact correct. There were two girls, from Alaska, and they were a ball to hang out with. We hung out in the pool all that day, talking about every topic we could think of. When the sun grew distant, we made plans to hang out the next day.
When I woke up the next day, I pumped some school work out, and went into shore. The girls were there, once again, and invited me to go to a town 30 mins north, called Pedasi. I wanted to go, but we couldn’t figure out a way for me to get back before dark. That’s when it hit us, we asked out parents if we could have a sleepover that night. They all readily agreed, so I swam out to the boat to get the essentials.
I swam back in, got dressed in dry clothes, and we drove for 30 minutes to the small town, and adventured around for s big. We had been informed that there was a food festival like thing going on, but there wasn’t. We drove back after ice cream, and got dinner at a small restaurant called, Panga. The restaurant was known for everything being local, and it was tasty. I got fish and chips, and I think it was the best fish and chips I had ever had!
I had a blast hanging out with the two girls. They were on vacation with there families, as in, grandma, grandpa, moms, dads, siblings, and uncle. It was the whole family, and it was rowdy. They made me feel like a kart if the family, so I was super happy.
When we got back to their hotel, it was practically 11, so we hit the hay. The next morning we said our goodbyes and I swam out to the boat.
Out next stop, Panama City!
The skyline was filled to the brim with skyscrapers. It was insane, if you can, open a new page and look up Panama City photos. I can’t even begin to explain it. It was pretty and ugly at the same time.
I’m going to cut my explanation short and get to the details of our stay. In all, we were in Panama City for about 4 weeks, and if you ask me, it was 2-3 weeks too long. Though we did meet some really cool people while we were there.
My aunt visited, so we took her around showing her the city. It as really nice seeing her. I missed her a ton. She was with her daughter, Lola, who loves Taj and myself, so it was fun playing wit her. We also visited Our from friends from Mexico, who had gone through the Canal.
We, of course, met a ton of kids. I hung out with one boy called Jack (15) off of Arc en Ciel, or as we like to say Barking Seal. He had his older sister, Jackie (21), her boyfriend, Plume, and their daughter Juliet (2). They were extremely fun to hang out with.
We also met quite a few other kid boats, like Totem. For you guys that don’t know Totem, it haven’t heard of them at the least, they are a family of 5, sailors g around the world. They are coming to the end of their 10 year circumnavigation.
The kids are all older, so I was happy. There was Niall(18), Marien(15), and Siobhan(13). They were a blast, we did henna tattoos on each other, ate ice cream, told jokes, ate more ice cream, and walked aimlessly around the mall. It may have not seemed like a lot, but we could only hang out for 3 days before they left. They were going to only stay for 2, but we convinced them to stay for an other day, because pizza night was coming up. In those three days, we could also sneak in a sleepover, where we made cookies!
After they left, we went back to our normal schedule. School, go into shore, and then we’d either hangout out around the area and skateboard, or go to the mall.
At first the mall seemed like a really good idea. It was fun to look in the shops, but after a while it got old.
We decided to take a trip up north to a friend’s surf camp in Northern Panama. We had met this family while we were at the American Embassy, getting Taj a new passport. We had sat right next to a couple with a little girl, naturally I began playing with her. She immediately stopped bugging her mom, and began playing. It was fun. They later invited us to their surf camp, and we agreed we might adventure up.
We did just this, we packed our hammocks and stuff for the night and took a bus up north. Jack tagged along, happy to learn to surf. We were happy to get out of Panama City, even if it was for two days. We played in the water, I attempted to teach Jack to surf, and I played with the little girl, Dare, and her bran new puppy.
The next day, we were sad to leave, but we did. We said out goodbyes and bussed back to Panama City where we had pizza for dinner.
It was our last week in Panama City, and a few days later, we picked up anchor, said goodbye to the City and set off towards the archipelago Las Perlas, with an other kid boat. We spent a few days in the Perlas before heading off to the Galapagos.

The Galapagos:
“Are we there yet?”
“At this rate, 3 more days.”
*Nina and Ellamae cheer.*
Three days later
“Well guys, it looks like an other 8 more days
*Nina and Ellamae groan*
It took a total of 8 days to get to the Galapagos. To be honest, it wasn’t that bad. We got in to Sam Cristobal, early morning. What was the first thing I did? Look for kids. Our neighbors said that they’d seem some kids off of a few boats, but they we’re the sure.
After we checked in, we were told they had to fumigate our boat. We had expected this, so we filled out of the boat and into shore. We wandered around, and scopes out the island’s town. For an island in the middle of nowhere, the town was big.
We decided to stop our adventure and go back to back to the water’s edge. We had barely sat down when I spotted some kids I’d met in Panama. We talked for a bit, and then they invited us to dinner. We readily agreed, and less than a hour later, there were 6 rowdy kids came at us.
The next week was filled with lots of fun. We hiked around the island, went to snorkel, and learned about the history of the island. We saw tortoises, marine iguanas, and the famous Darwin Finches!
After San Cristobal, we headed to Isabella. I sadly did not see the island every much, because I got sick 🤒. It was suppose to be really pretty, but I was sick.
We went to Santa Cruz after Isabelle, and met up with a to if other kids. There was, at one time, 17 kids in the anchorage at once. Pretty good fro the Galapagos. We spent another week there, swimming with baby sharks, hanging with friends, and exploring. Dad got to surf a ton, and we got to swim in the surf. I did surf on my dad’s board, and stood up for about 15 seconds. Yay for me! 👏🏻👏🏻🤗🤗 We stocked up the boat, picked up anchor and said goodbye to the Galapagos

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