Costa Rica, Its All Just Fun and Games so far!

Hey I’m back world! I am so so sorry I haven’t given you many up dates for a while. I honestly couldn’t write anything worthy of being posted. My posts I thought of posting were really choppy, and badly written. I have decided to give this one a try. I mean it is now or never, right?
If you’ve been keeping an eye on our main blog, you know we are in Costa Rica, and may I dare say, FINALLY! After our 1600 mile crossing, I was more than happy to be, even to just SEE, land. Here’s a short recap of our passage.
We had planned on leaving on a Friday, but that’s bad ju-ju, so we left the next day, on Saturday, around 10 in the morning. I did not do school that day, but read and got comfortable with the way the boat moves in the sea again.
The next three day consisted of reading, school, drawing, watching dolphins, listen to my dad tell stories, and watching land disappear behind us.
I was glad that we were finally leaving Mexico, but I also miss it quite a lot! Let me tell you, Mexico has way better food, in my preference, than Costa Rica. The mice thing is that they have plantains at practically every restaurant, it’s like their tortillas in a way.
On the second week, the wind slowly became more and more forceful. We celebrated Christmas underway, a first for everyone on the boat, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it might have been. For New Years, I made a goal to read 1K books, but I now realize I was INSANE! I would have to read 2.7 books a day, and I’ve only read about 8 since then. 🤣
After a few more days, we made it to Costa Rica 🇨🇷! My gosh, I don’t think I have ever been more happy to see land. 3 weeks of no land can make a girl go slightly bonkers.
When we went to shore, we got apples (from France), and after not having fresh fruit for a few days, it was so mouth watering. 🤤. It was way juicy, and sweet, and sour. I had no idea an apple could taste so good. I could carry on talking about this apple for hours, but I will stop myself here: IT WAS THE GOD OF APPLES!!!!
Costa Rica is jungle filled, every beach has a jungle behind it, but it is also hot, and muggy at times. But beautiful all the while.
We did a zip line tour. One of the few touristy things we have done yet, but it rocked! There were 10 lines, and they were fast. Taj loved it. He went down the first 5 by himself, but had to have a buddy on the last ones because they were really fast. My dad suspected he got up to 30 mph on the 9th one. Talk about a thrill! There was even a zip line that you could go upside down on. It was fun, but kinda scary, because everything is the wrong way. Up was down, and down was up. I hadn’t ever been on a proper zip line, so it was a cool experience. I do recommend it.
I also met this girl, Kristy, from Costa Rica’s capitol, San Jose. She was extremely friendly, and has the LONGEST hair I have ever seen. We talked for an hour, hour and a half. She spoke practically perfect English, and I practiced my broken Spanish. Kristy didn’t mind all that much, she was happy to teach me some new words. I learned the slang for cool. It’s “chiva”. She told us we had to go to the national park, Manuel Antonio, because there were so many sloths, birds, and lizards.
We had planned to go anyways, but hearing her, kinda sealed the deal. The very next day, we got a guide, a fellow Costa Rican named, Diego, and set off into the not so wild jungle of, Manuel Antonio! (It wasn’t that it wasn’t wild, it just wasn’t wild in the animal department. As in, they weren’t running everywhere. Okay there were some animals running around, but not a giant abundance.) Diego really knew his stuff, we were stopping all the time, and were seeing things none of the other guides were seeing. It was amazing. He was really smart, and was rattling off all this information as if he was talking about the weather. To him, he practically was. It was a lot of information, but we all did our best to retain it all.
It was fun to watch the monkeys, raccoons, and coatimundi (it is extremely similar to the raccoon.) steal food from the beach goers. One family was sitting down, and a raccoon came up and dug through one of their bags. The mom didn’t do anything but laugh, as the dad chased them off. It made me laugh.
A few days ago, we were in Drake’s Bay, and to you Californians, no it is not the Drake’s Bay in Northern Cali, it is Drake’s Bay, Costa Rica. We went for a jungle/river tour, but it really turned into a jungle/beach hike. On our way back, we say three Capuchin Monkeys, and one of them had a small baby in its back. We decided to take a break to eat a snack and watch them. As soon as Taj and I had our sandwiches out, the younger monkey (not the baby) was on us. Creeping in the grass, it perched itself next to my dad’s bag in front of us. It was timid, but not scared. It continued to creep towards Taj and his sandwich, so we had to shoo it away. It went away, but came back instantly. Within 5 minutes, we had monkeys surrounding us, and not all of them were as cute and cuddly as the baby. We packed our bags and walked outta there. While we were leaving, we met the grandpa monkey, and he wanted our food. We hurried out way out, and didn’t encounter any more monkeys.
So life in Costa Rica hasn’t been all that bad. It’s actually been great! There hasn’t been any kids on boats, much to my dismay, but I’ll mange. I will let likely read a ton of books, and do school. I have to survive one way or another. Hopefully in Panama there will be some kids. If there isn’t I way go a bit crazy🤪.

Well, until next time!

Oh, and a shout out to any kids in the Panama area, if you are going to be there in February-early March, let us know! I’m always happy to meet new kids🤩!

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3 thoughts on “Costa Rica, Its All Just Fun and Games so far!

  1. Hi Nina!!!
    Its Jess from Boo’s Blue 2. The travel nurse from the bay area, we had thanksgiving together!! Anyways, miss you and love reading the update about costa rica, been following you adventures from your families social media pages. Looks and sounds like you are really enjoying yourself!
    Just finishing up my travel assignment here at UCSF and then I’m getting ready to help my parents cross the pacific towards the end of march. Honestly I’m the most nervous about the boredom to come and going bonkers from not seeing land for so long. Any book recommendations that kept you captivated on your last voyage? We gotta meet up in Australia when we get there!! keep up with the posts!


  2. Hey wassup, you prob don’t remember me but maybe you’ll remember the Zoo camp when I was going into 8th grade? Like in 2016, it was crazy to think that it’s been 2 years. It must be so cool to travel around the world and get all these memories. It’s pretty dope that you can chill and do all this stuff most people only dream of. I just outta the blue remembered that you said something about the blog on like the last day of that camp or whatever, it’s so interesting to read about it, can’t wait for more


    1. Hey Brady! I totally remember you! I actually can’t believe you remember about my blog. That’s kinds crazy. Life is amazing. We are in Panama now. It’s pretty lit, in two ways. It’s hot, and chill. I just got an instagram, it’s nina_lauduci follow me! And my next blog post is coming up soon so, don’t worry. To give u a quick invite, it’s about this amazing surf spot where I met two girls from Alaska and had a sleepover quite randomly with them!
      Keep in touch. If you have an iPhone, txt me @ Or just email me.
      Hope arizon is treating you well,
      Ps, if you visit the zoo any time, say hi to the stingrays for me! 😂


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