bahia de los angeles

Sorry I haven’t written in a while. This is a blog post I had forgotten to post back in August. So so sorry. Well, I won’t keep you any longer, so here it is; posting from satellite phone:

Hey Everyone! Sorry I haven’t wrote in a while. I have been so absorbed in the scenery and my books. We are in the Sea of Cortez. Right now, we are in Bay of LA. It is located about 132 mi from Puerto Penasco (or Rocky Point) where we will be hauling our boat out for the month of August.
So in Bay of LA, what have we been doing? You ask. Why haven’t I been writing? We’ll to be honest, I completely forgot about my blog. 😂
Bay of LA, is a good sized bay, that inhabits many different sea creatures. We swam with ginormous whale sharks (completely docile), ate Yellowtail, which is supposed to be the best sashimi on the market, but I don’t like raw fish. We haven’t been going swimming a whole bunch, because the water is murky and not very inviting. Well, minus the part that it is 80 degrees Fahrenheit (26 Celsius). My dad did catch as small sized yellowtail when we were free diving in Animos Slot, on the outer part of Bay of LA. And that day, I dove down to 44ft!!!!!! MY NEW PERSONAL RECORD!
I was so happy, I swam up to tell my dad that I dove 41 ft(my watch is off by 3ft) and he came up and asked if I had touched, I said yes and was about to tell him that I dove 41 feet. But then he corrected me telling me I dove 44, I did an odd happy dance in the water, and squealed.
We have been doing a bit of hiking, but it is too hot to do anything but hang out and swim during the early afternoon.
Dad and I also have been doing workouts, they include sit ups (about a 100), push ups (about 50 if you can do it, but realistically I am doing about 35), then pull ups (my dad’ do 75 and I’ll do about 25-21). We do 5 sets, so for me it is 20 sit ups, 5 FULL push-ups 6 if I can do it, and 4-5 pull ups (modified), since I can’t do a full pull up, we work on the easing yourself down as slowly as possible. This makes it easier to pull up, since you are building up those muscles. I am just starting every thing, but I instantly found that my sit ups are strong suit, and pull ups are my worst enemy and I shall conquer them!!(hopefully).
We also been kayaking everywhere we go. We have found an assortment of different artifacts, such as, cool shells, giant whale bones🐋.

Catch ya later,

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