Creative writing #4

My video camera is crackly at first, then it focuses on my dirty face. My hair hasn’t been brushed in a few weeks, so I resulted to me cutting into a pixie cut as best I could. It looks terrible, but works fine. “February 25, 2035. Today, might be my last. I am not sure if I can take it much longer, being alone. They took Sarah, last week. I am not sure what to do without her. I think the aliens, or what ever they are, are getting closer to finding me. I won’t say where I am now in case they find my camera, and figure out how to use it. Though I am not sure why I am hiding anymore. I should let them find me, so I can be with Sarah, my little sister, and family,” I start to tell the camera.” After day 2,548 I though for sure I was not going to I be the last living human being on earth. When my friends and I use to joke I would be the first to go, but now, I wish I really was one of the first to be taken over. Food is getting harder to find. At first, we had stayed in a Habit, burger shop. We had food the entire month. Then my mom got taken by them while looking for water. Her last words to we were, “Don’t let them go eat to your sisters. Promise me, Emily.” And I did promise her, and failed. I failed when she ran off while looking for water, then I found her body in the near by house peacefully sleeping. A sleep you could only wake up from if we found a cure. Now I am not a scientist or anything, but I can put together that these, alien/humans are trying to take over earth. The first thing they needed to do was make all of us humans gone, then they could get to work. They already are getting started. I am hoping that once they get all the human bodies taken over with their conscious’. Maybe, just maybe, they will forget about me. They I can maybe live among them. Not that it would be great, but it is living non the less. Shoot! I hear foot steps coming up the stairs. Hopefully just a dog. They are all over now. I think it is gone no-”

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