Back to cruising, delayed post (sorry) November 17, 2016

   Finally we are out of the marina area of San Carlos, Mexico, and have anchored out of a harbor off an island. It was an amazing sail down the Sea of Cortez to a large island by the name of Isla Carman, 150 miles in 21 hours. We had a dinner of lentil soup, then my dad put Taj to bed. I had my first night watch. It was really fun, I listened to music, read, and every 10 minutes I had to look around to see if we were off course or a boat was near by. Luckily nothing really ever happened, except that we got off course a little bit. At 10:00 I went to bed. Surprisingly I was really tired! At around 8 the next day, we made it to the island. Taj really wanted to go swimming so, I went in with him. I was by the anchor chain and pulled myself down. I thought it was only 19 ft when I dove down and when I made it to the surface, I thought I was just really outta shape. But when my dad said it was 34 ft, I was surprise that that was my first dive of the season! Taj and I got cold so we got out( Taj was so cold that his lips were blue!). It was really nice thou. 

   Today, we went on a hike up to the top of the closes ridge. I was a little out of shape because, I have not hiked in like a week and a half. I made my self run up the hill, and then as we did in my outdoor education class, Vilda, I did a “sit spot”. A sit spot is where you sit for a few minutes, and just listen and look around. Once I was done with that I ran up to the next little knoll. By the time I was back and had sat back down, my dad and Taj had made it to the top. I asked if they wanted to walk to the other knoll, of course my dad said yes. We hiked, well I ran, and then at the top of that one, I wanted to make it to the highest one. I went ahead to scout it out, but it was not possible. So we had to go down the crazy way. As in with no trail and cacti all over the place. We did make it down somehow. We kayaked back to our boat and set off the the next anchorage, which we are entering as I type.😋, hopefully we meet some cruising kids, Carumba and Kenta Anae are still in San Carlos. 

Fair winds🌬 and lots of dolphins 🐬 

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