Back to Boat Life

We have just been in the states for about 4 months, it was great to see all of my friends… I definitely had a hard time with it because, my friends were making new groups of friends, and I was not in any of those groups. I was able to adjust to it, but then again it was quite hard and frustrating. We were on summer break when we first arrived, so we didn’t have to do any school, but for staying so long we had to start school soon. We tried to get me enrolled in my old school, The New Village School, but I did not get excepted. We found this cool Waldorf/ charter school with a home schooling program so, we enrolled Ellamae and I. Included in the school we could do this outdoor education class called VILDA with other homeschoolers. It was really fun, I made really good friends. We did it very Monday and Thursday. On Mondays we stayed near where we were dropped off in Fairfax, or on the top of Mt. Tam. And on Thursdays 6 other kids, the instructor, Spencer, and I would go all around Marin County on adventures. We would go to farms, hike off trail, or go to Angel Island, as we on my last day.
When it was time to leave, I found it wasn’t hard to leave, expect for that I would miss my good friend, Elsie, and the kids from VILDA(the outdoor education class). I still miss them, but as soon as I came back, I fell right back into the rhythm of things. We unpacked and then called a kid boat, my dad had met when he was down here(Mexico) last time. We invited them to dinner, the kids were a little shy, but by the second day they were talkative and joking with me. Logan(12), and Hunter(9) made me laugh so much. We played a version of Dudgeon & Dragons, but we just kinda made it up as we went. We visited Kenta Anae, who we knew from La Cruz and hung out with them for a day. It was all quite easy coming down, except, on Mondays and Thursdays I felt as if something was missing. And something is missing, I am not going to VILDA those days of the week. I had made some really great friends in those classes, ranging from 6th grade to 9th grade, but in those classes my better friends were five kids named, Finn (13), Cullen (13), Martha (13), Nikkos (12), and Steven (14). I think in the end it was the hardest to leave them and Elsie, but other than that I was quite excited to be back on the boat, and sleep in my own bed, and hang out with some new cruising kids (I am now counted as an old one since I came down last year.).
Fairwinds🌬 andlotsofdolphins🐬 -Nina Lauducci-

One thought on “Back to Boat Life

  1. I feel so honored that you mentioned me! I’ll really miss you too! I mean,I do already but I will more as the years go by… : (


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