post from Barra de Navidad Jan 18,2016

We are in Barra de Navidad ,and there is a giant resort, we know some people there so, we went and swam in the pool. They have two slides, one is really slow and mellow, but there is this other one that is fast and at the end it throws you into these two giant cushions. There’s a waterfall, and a ” hot tub”. The pool has three levels, one that up to my shins, one that’s 3 feet (1 mete ), and the last one is about 5 feet (1.5 meter). They use these really fluffy, white towels and they are really soft.

Yesterday we went up to our friend’s family’s ranch, when we got there Alex’s cousin was going to the corral to give their cows abides shots, so that when the vampire bats bite them they don’t get rabies and die. There was this one cow that got its head pooped on and it was really funny, a few bulls were butting heads, and the baby cows were really cute.Once they were done, we went back to the house and had lunch. The mom made tacos. The tacos had yummy chicken and homemade cheese. I had four. Then we got coconut popsicles for 30 cents (USD).

Since it was a farm I got to ride a mule. Taj, loved it.there was a horse but, he was über stubborn(even more than than the mule), so we had to get lead. I lead Ellamae on the mule as well as Taj.


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