Boat kids of Banderas Bay

 We just left La Cruz, which I think has been my favorite part of the trips far. I’ve liked it because there were so many kids. We counted 20- plus kids at once! 

 When we first got there, there were not a lot of kids. Katya (12), who we met in Isla Isabela, introduced us to two kids, Shandro (13)and Matero (10), on a boat called Kenta Anea. We hung out a lot. One day we went for argent practice with our bows and arrows🏹🎯 it was really fun.


  Then this other boat, Pesto, with Raquel (10) and Paulo (12), came, as well as, Coastal Drifter with Ethan (12). Slowly but surely children came and our group of five turned into a loud and chaotic group.


 Leaving was the hardest part because, I had made so many friends and I didn’t want to leave them. I wasn’t totally sad, because I know we will be back in Marchish. And also I now I would see most of them farther south😃. Quite a few I won’t because they are doing the jump to the South Pacific😭.

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