1 December, 2015 23:02

Hey world, it’s Nina again! Right now we are sitting in a little fishing town called, Hipòlito. So far we have stayed here for two days ( today is our third ). We have gone into the beach practically everyday and surfed the beach break.

For school I’ve been doing pre-algebra,art,Spanish, and every other week a dinner, breakfast or lunch. I’ve found math is a bit harder then when I was in a school, but writing I’ve found is pretty much the same. I enjoy art and writing the most.

We are going to be in Mexico for Christmas. Our friend, Lisa, is coming and hopefully my good friend, Kialani, will be complete no to visit us. For an other break my other friend, Ava P., will be coming with her family.

We haven’t seen or met any cruising children in Mexico other than this one family from Emeryville, CA, USA. The little boy, Martin, is really funny. Ellamae and I are really exited to see our friends on Agemere. We met them in Morro Bay but, we haven’t seen each other since San Diego. Simi (10) and I hung out a lot while Ellamae (8) and Maggie (7) hung out plenty too. Also we met this other family on a boat called, Nomi, and they have two children named Morgan (10), and Maeve (7). When we were in San Diego we hung out pretty much every day. And we are super excited to see them again.

Well, see you soon!

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